VC Blog List

The following is a list of blogs written by venture capitalists and angel investors. Understanding how VCs think-- by digesting their writings and ramblings-- can help improve your odds of success during a pitch meeting.

Check back frequently for new additions. If you are a VC blogger and do not see your site listed, send us an email.

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A Little Ludwig Goes a Long Way (John Ludwig, Ignition Partners)
A Sack of Seattle (Andy Sack)
A VC - Musings of a VC in NYC (Fred Wilson, Flatiron Partners, Union Square Ventures)
A Venture Forth (Dan Grossman, Venrock Associates)
ABCDVC (Mark Sherman, Battery)
Above the Crowd (Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital)
Adventurista (Sarah Travel, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Allen's Blog (Allen Morgan, Mayfield)
Alsop Louie Partners (Stuart Alsop and Gilman Louie)
AngelList (not a blog, per se, but one of the best resources out there)
Ask The VC (Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital and Jason Mendelson)
Any (John Frankel, ff Venture Capital)
Ben's Blog (Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz)
BeyondVC (Ed Sim, Dawntreader Ventures)
BijanBlog (Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital)
Brian Berliner’s Brain
Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster, GRP Partners)
Burnham's Beat (Bill Burnham, Softbank Capital Partners)
China Venture News (James Borton) (Christine Herron, Omidyar Network)
Class V (Sachi Gahan, Catamount Ventures)
Cleantech Investing (Rob Day, Expansion Capital Partners)
Colorado Startups (David Cohen)
Consuming Ambitions (Tom Cole, Trinity Ventures)
Cracking the Code (Philippe Botteri, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Dav-generated Content (David Dufresne, Desjardins Venture Capital)
Deal Flow (Justin Hibbard, BusinessWeek)
Deep Green Crystals (Martin Tobias, Ignition Partners)
Due Diligence (Tim Oren, Pacifica Fund)
EarlyStageVC (Peter Rip, Crosslink Capital)
Ego Ventures (Andrew D. Luter, BaseCamp Capital)
Esther Dyson's photo blog (Esther Dyson)
Feld Thoughts (Brad Feld)
Florida Venture Blog (Dan Rua, Inflexion Partners)
"Founder Frustrations" blog (Norm Wasserman, HBS)
Fred Destin's Blog (Fred Destin, Atlas Venture)
From Istanbul To Sand Hill Road (Baris Karadogan, ComVentures)
From the inside, looking in (Shin Fukushige)
Geekfishing (Various from Ignition Partners)
Genuine VC (David H. Beisel, Masthead Venture Partners)
Global-Themes (Shantanu Bhagwat, Amadeus Capital Partners)
Go Big or Go Home (Rob Schultz, Illinois Ventures)
GOLB: Is this Israel? (Ed Mlavsky, Gemini Israel Funds)
Ho John Lee's Blog (Peak Capital)
How to Change the World (Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures)
Infectious Greed (Paul Kedrosky, Ventures West)
Insider Chatter (Donna Bogatin)
Israel Venture Capital 2.0 (Daniel Cohen, Gemini Israel Funds)
Israeli VC on Sand Hill Road (Tali Aben, Gemini Israel Funds)
Jason Ball's Techbytes (Jason Ball, London Seed Capital)
John Cook's Venture Blog (John Cook, Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
John O'Farrell (John O'Farrell of Andreessen Horowitz)
Kauffman eVenturing (Ken Berlac, Kauffman)
kiteblog (Bill Tai, Charles River Ventures)
Let the Sparks Fly! (Various from Brightspark Ventures)
Life With Alacrity (Christopher Allen, Alacrity Ventures) (Saul Klein, Index Ventures)
Longworth Venture Partners Blog (Jason Yau, Longworth)
Mark Andreesen (not technically a VC, but...)
Mark Pincus Blog (not technically a VC, but...)
McInblog (Ryan McIntyre, Mobius / Foundry)
Morten Lund (Danish angel)
Mr Wave Theory ("retired siliconv valley VC")
Nivi (Babak Nivi, EIR Atlas Ventures; also produces Venture Hacks)
Northwest VC (Steve Hall, Vulcan Capital)
Nothing To Say (Chris Fralic, First Round Capital)
Nothing ventured, nothing gained (Jeremy Levine, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Now What? (Scott Maxwell, OpenView Venture Partners)
NW Venture Voice (Various Authors)
OC VC (Marc Averitt, Okapi Venture Capital)
Occam's Razor (Marc Goldberg, Occam Capital)
Our Man in Nirvana (Robin Bordoli, formerly with Mobius)
Outright VC (Todd Jaquez-Fissori, Siemens Venture Capital)
Oxyfish (Tom Shields, Woodside Fund)
Pascalsview (Pascal Levensohn, Levensohn Venture Partners) (Paul Graham, Y Combinator)
Permanent Record (Rob Hayes, First Round Capital)
PE Hub (Dan Primack)
Pmarca (Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz)
Punctuative (Matt Winn, Chrysalis Ventures)
PureVC (CXO Ventures)
Reality (Susan Wu, Charles River Ventures)
Redeye VC (Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital)
Release 2.0 (O'Reilly Radar...technically not VC)
(Rob Go of Nextview Ventures)
Ross Mayfield's Weblog (Ross Mayfield, Socialtext)
Salman's blog (Salman Farmanfarmaian, SCP Partners)
Seed Stage Capital (Nathan Beckord, VentureArchetypes LLC)
Seeing Both Sides (Jeff Bussgang, IDG Ventures)
Sense and Cents (George Zachary, Charles River Ventures)
Seriously clueless (Anand Sriharen, Bessemer)
SF Venture (Keith Benjamin)
Six Kids and a Full Time Job (Michael Eisenberg, Benchmark Capital)
Soaring on Ridgelift (Stu Phillips, Ridgelift Ventures)
Sortiprenuer (Cem Sertoglu)
Software Only (Jeff Clavier, SoftTech VC)
Southeast VC (Jason Caplain, Southern Capitol Ventures)
Startable (Prasad Thammineni and Healy Jones)
Startup Review Blog (Nisan Gaby)
Startups and Angels (Tim Keane, Golden Angel Network)
TahoeVC (Robert Goldberg, Ridgelift Ventures)
Tech Startups, Capital Ideas (David Feinleib, MDV)
TechBytes (Jason Ball, London Seed Capital)
Technofile Europe (Max Bleyleben, Kennet Partners)
Teten Advisors (David Teten, ff Venture Capital)
Texas Startup Blog (Alexander Muse)
The Coffee Shops of Mayfair (Paul Fisher, First Capital)
The Equity Kicker (Nic Brisbourne, Esprit Capital Partners) (VC reviews written by startup founders)
The Gong Show (Andrew Parker, Union Square Ventures)
The J Curve (Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson)
The New Normal (Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners)
The NVA Blog (Ari Newman)
The Perceptions and Reverie of an Investor and Entrepreneur (Bradley Twohig, Insight)
The Post Money Value (Rick Segal, J.L Albright Venture Partners)
The VC in me.... (Raj Kapoor, Mayfield Fund)
This and That (Santo Politi, Spark Capital)
This is going to be big. I can feel it. (Charlie O'Donnell, Union Square Ventures)
Tim Oren's Due Diligence (Pacifica Fund)
TJ's Weblog (Torsten Jacobi)
Treading the VC Waters (Sagi Rubin, Gemini Israel Funds)
Union Square Ventures (Their web site is also a blog...clever)
VC Adventure (Seth Levine, Foundry Group)
VC Circle (Sahad PV, Business Today)
VC Confidential (Matt McCall, Portage Venture Partners)
VC Ratings (part of The Deal Network; Joshua Jaffe)
VCball (Steve Brotman, Silicon Alley Venture Partners)
VCinJerusalem (Jacob Ner-David, Jerusalem Capital)
VCMike's Blog (Mike Hirshland, Polaris Ventures)
VCMom (Michelle Goldberg, Ignition)
Venture Again (Justin Label, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Venture Beat (Matt Marshall)
Venture Capital Blogs (American Venture Magazine)
Venture Capital Cafe
Venture Chicks (Various women in VC-- roughly 8 and counting)
Venture Chronicles (Jeff Nolan, formerly SAP Ventures)
Venture Cyclist (Richard Dale, Sigma Partners)
Venture Explorer (Vineet Buch, BlueRun Ventures)
VentureHacks (by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant)
Venture Intelligence India (Arun Natarajan)
Venture Law Lines (Suzanne Williams, lawyer, former VC)
Venture Voice (Gregory Galant, Podcasts and interviews)
VentureBlog (David Hornik, August Capital, Various Authors)
Ventureblogalist (Rob Finn, Edison Venture Fund)
VentureInside (Kara Nortman, Battery Ventures)
WayTooEarly (Howard Morgan, First Round Capital)
Who Has Time For This?< (David Cowan, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Will Price Blog (Will Price, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners)

Note: This compilation was originally built from various other compilations, and in particular, we'd like to thank and credit Ventureblogs, Andrew Fife, and Applied Destruction for their excellent lists.