Resources for Startups

The following is a list of the best startup websites. Bookmark it, and check back frequently for new additions.


  • Co-working Spaces—Not ready to get your own office? Want the comraderie of working around other startups? Numerous co-working spaces have mushroomed up recently. Most offer events and networking activties in addition to desk space. Certain spaces require you to apply for admission such as RocketSpace, FoundersDen and WeWork in San Francisco; others with a more open-door policy include PariSoma and Citizen Space. In New York, be sure to check out General Assembly and DogPatch Labs.


  • VentureArchetypes' list of Top VC Blogs—we are keeping a list of the top VC bloggers; reading VC blogs is a great way to 'get inside their minds' (particularly if you are pitching these particular folks).
  • Wall Street Journal's—articles, news, and resources. Great site, though it tends to have a "small business" focus (vs. a high-growth startup focus). Also see WSJ's VC-related blog.
  • Venturewire—VC news and information. Most of the site requires a paid subscription, but the Daily Alert is free and useful to see who's getting funded. Other good newsletters to subscribe to are PEHub and Fortune's Term Sheet.
  • Large collection of entrepreneurial articles. Includes lengthy list of famous entrepreneur profiles and case studies-- from Hugh Hefner to Jenny Craig and everyone in between.
  • VentureArchetypes Facebook Page About 1x per week, we post the most interesting and useful startup link we can find, with an emphasis on "how-to" resources such as startup finance, marketing, operations, etc. Become a fan today!


  • Startup Company Lawyer a site run by Yokum Taku, a partner at Wilson Sonsini. An excellent resource for answering nearly every legal question a startup may face.
  • VentureHacks—Contains a ton of great how-to startup content; the related AngelList is an incredibly useful and highly-efficient way of pitching angels. Be sure to read our blog, "Hacking Angel List" prior to setting up your profile. .


  • IBF Conferences—Hosts events such as the Venture Investing Conference and the Early Stage Venture Investing Conference, as well as industry-specific events. Expensive, but great conferences to network with investors.



  • Check out Foundersuite for a collection of "tools to get startup sh*t done." The product line includes tools for fundraising, investor relations, new product ideation & validation. It also includes template sets for doing things like putting together an advisory board or hiring employees. Highly recommended.
  • A number of law firms have (very graciously) put startup forms and contracts online for download-- things like terms sheets, incorporation filings, 83(b) elections, and so forth. Check out the sets from Orrick, Goodwin Proctor, and WIlson Sonsini. The Founders Institute also has a few docs for download, such as a Founders Agreement.
  • Need a way to put up a landing page before going live? Use LaunchRock (one of our clients :). Need a way to build a site quickly and cheaply? Try Bootstrap from Twitter. Ready to start charging? Try Recurly or PayPal.

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