Scott Milener

Collaborative Consultant -- Web, Mobile, and Advertising | Raising Capital | Startup Strategy

Scott is an experienced leader of technology businesses including online media, software and communications companies. He was CEO of AdRocket, a funded startup creating a new ad targeting platform to increase CPMs for publishers and social networks. Scott is also a Media Council Leader with the Gerson Lehrman Group consulting with clients around online advertising.

Scott was recently acting as SVP of Business Development at, an online video community platform. Prior to Magnify, Scott was Founder and CEO of Browster, Inc, a venture-funded search and browsing technology provider. Prior, Scott led Business Development at Enuvis, Inc., developer of cellular communications technology which was acquired by SiRF Technologies, Inc. Before joining Enuvis, Scott was Sr. Director of Business Development at eVoice, Inc. and was responsible for strategy, sales and distribution partnerships. He negotiated co-marketing and integration contracts with AOL, Yahoo and Real Networks among others. eVoice was acquired by AOL.

Previously, Scott was co-founder of BulletProof Software Corp., a pioneer of browser-based rich Java applications where he signed distribution agreements with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and AOL/Netscape. Before BulletProof he was at Apple where he helped bring the world's first PDA to market. Scott received a BS in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Rochester in his home state of NY.